AODA Project (2016-17)


The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) is provincial legislation applying to all organizations with one or more employees. The Act currently has five standards in effect: Customer Service; Information and Communication; Employment; Transportation; and Design of Public Spaces.


The AODA project focused on educating businesses about their requirements under the Act, the benefits of hiring persons with disabilities, and the resources available through EARN. The AODA Project catchment area was Ottawa and surrounding areas including Renfrew and Lanark Counties. The AODA Project was delivered through Outreach Coordinators who worked one-on-one with businesses and business owners to collaborate with business associations, networks, service agencies, and sector tables with respect to the project focus. This flagship project helped to build the foundation for expansion into other districts, with the goal of unification and support in project initiatives province-wide at the forefront.  The AODA Project was led by United Way, in partnership with and funded by, the Government of Ontario.


The AODA Project worked hand-in-hand with EARN, in order to best provide education and resources to businesses and employers with respect to AODA requirements, tools, services, and assistance. Through EARN membership, businesses can ensure current continuing education, toolkits, newsletters, hiring resources, and community involvement opportunities.

To learn more about our project please visit the resources section on this page. There you will find tools to help you plan for your own project involving regional public education and outreach.

If you have any questions, please contact the EARN team at,

The AODA Project was led by United Way in partnership with, and funded by, the Government of Ontario.

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