EARN Membership

The Employment Accessibility Resource Network (EARN) is comprised of three different groups.  Your membership will depend on the degree of engagement you are willing to commit to.  These groups include:

Steering Committee

EARN’s Steering Committee is comprised of local employers, service providers, experts and high level stakeholders who champion the work of EARN within the community.  The Steering Committee is advisory in nature and helps to set the overall strategic direction for EARN’s Leadership Group as well as provide guidance on key issues such as objectives, strategy, resourcing, and prioritization.  It also guides EARN’s general course of operations, assists in the execution of their respective work-plans and fosters the collaboration of EARN’s various stakeholders. The Steering Committee meets on a monthly basis.

Leadership Group

EARN’s Leadership Group is comprised of employers, service providers, and other interested stakeholders. Local employers are leaders in the community who foster a culture of inclusion and accessibility in their workplaces. Service providers give advice, assistance and expertise to employers regarding disability issues, best practices and accommodation supports. EARN’s Leadership Group helps to plan and deliver on the goals set out by the Steering Committee to satisfy the overall mission of the network.  It also support mechanisms for additional EARN initiatives and activities that help to further advance its mandate. The Leadership Group meets on a monthly basis.

Champion Group

EARN Champion Group brings together employers, service providers and other community stakeholders who are committed to increasing employment opportunities for people with disabilities and who champion inclusive and accessible workplaces.  The Champions participate in events and activities but do not attend monthly meetings.

If you are interested in learning more about EARN and getting involved please contact: earn@unitedwayeo.ca

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