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The Employment Accessibility Resource Network (EARN) supports best practices for the hiring of people with disabilities.

Through our Steering Committee, Leadership Group and Champion Group, EARN’s members embody and endorse EARN’s Guiding Principles and promote equitable pay and work that matches the skillset of candidates.

Guiding Principles of EARN

EARN seeks to increase the capacity of employers, service providers, community partners and various stakeholders to effectively include people with disabilities in the workforce. Activities include education about the benefits of inclusive hiring practices and about how a healthy work environment benefits all employees. As well, EARN facilitates direct and indirect connections between candidates, employers, service providers and various community partners and stakeholders.

Members of EARN adhere to the following guiding principles in their workplaces, their service provision, and their internal and external messaging:

  • Work environments and employment practices are both inclusive and accessible.
  • Employment practices meet all applicable federal and provincial legislation.
  • Wages for employees with disabilities are equitable with respect to the compensation of other employees (with or without disabilities) performing comparable work.
  • Recruitment, hiring and on boarding practices are both inclusive and accessible.
  • Employees with disabilities are included in workplace investments that support advancement and retention.
  • Inclusion and accessibility practices extend to the social, cultural and recreational life of the workplace.
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