WE Day

On November 14th the EARN team and some community volunteers attended WE Day to support conversations with youth about accessibility in our community. We also had two tickets to share with our EARN members. Jennifer from Enterprise attended the event with her daughter Julie. Below she shared some highlights from her day.

“On November 14, 2018 my mom and I went to WE Day. During the day people sang, danced and told stories. I really liked Silken Laumann when she talked about getting hurt and said that her doctors told her she would never compete again, but she did not let that stop her. I also really liked the story of girls who bullied another girl because they wanted people to like them. They realized that what they did was wrong and told their mom. My mom and I have talked a lot about that. It was cool seeing some of the Ottawa Senators players. At WE Day they were selling bracelets made by people from around the world. I got some bracelets for my friends and told them about WE Day. I hope that I can go to WE Day again.”

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