Where We’ve Been: Ottawa Employment Hub

On Wednesday, September 26th, the Ottawa Employment Hub was pleased to have Brent Moore from their Ready to Work Program and James Christopher, from Magnet to provide a “build your own workshop” at Bayview Yards. The sessions, run by James Christopher, was for employment services and WIL groups who are new to the Magnet network or looking for a refresher of the services offered through the network.

Saiema from EARN attended the workshop to learn more about the best practices for incorporating Magnet into EARN’s Job Match program with great information to support Job Seekers through our Service Provider Network.

What is Magnet?

Magnet is a collaborative network powered by a job-matching platform that connects employers to talent based on skills and qualifications. Magnet serves all Canadians and utilizes an advanced and protected recruitment model that can effectively, and efficiently promote diversity and support bias free recruitment strategies.

To learn more about Magnet: https://magnet.whoplusyou.com/lp/ottawaemploymenthub

To learn more about the Ottawa Employment Hub: https://ottawaemploymenthub.ca/

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