Where We’ve Been

EARN hosted a Learning and Networking session during the evening of September 18th, for jobseekers and EARN Employer Partner members at the ALT Hotel. The event was generously sponsored by one of EARN’s Employer Partners – Accenture. Both employers and jobseekers were invited to a presentation in two different rooms, followed by a networking reception to end the evening.

Graziella Forbes and Joel Daze of Performance Plus Rehabilitative Plus (PPRC), one of EARN’s Service Provider members gave an interactive presentation with a focus on Disability 101: Awareness & Etiquette in the Workplace to Employers at the event. They provided information on appropriate conversations and etiquette while interacting with persons with disabilities in businesses, strategies for communicating with potential candidates with disabilities, disability awareness, and language and terminology.  It was a wonderful session for people managers and those involved in hiring.

Simultaneously, jobseekers with a disability were invited to attend a presentation by Rhonda Scharf, a well –recognized Professional Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and author based both in Ottawa and Florida. Rhonda gave a presentation on effective networking skills, and how to stand out in a crowd of other jobseekers while job searching. Rhonda was very interactive and created a comfortable atmosphere for jobseekers to participate amongst a crowd throughout her presentation.

Following the learning sessions, both Employers and Jobseekers were invited to a Networking reception where both parties met each other and made conversations with the goal of employment. It was a great way for jobseekers to practice their networking skills as well as an opportunity for employers to discover talent within this hidden talent pool.

EARN hosts Learning & Networking events similar like this throughout the year, so stay tuned for future events. These are events you do not want to miss!

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