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Ottawa Employment Hub (OEB), partnered with Magnet for the past three years, now has more than 25 community partners. Powered by a job-matching platform, Magnet connects employers to talent based on skills and education. We welcome EARN onboard to help connect persons with disabilities to employment in Ottawa!

Brent Moore from OEB answers frequently asked questions.

Q: Our organization isn’t affiliated with Magnet, therefore my question is: Can our clients create an account and would they receive any value by doing so?

Brent: Great question. There are a few layers to this answer.

  1. Anyone can create an account; therefore, if your organization is not or not yet affiliated with Magnet, your job seekers can still create an account. I recommend that they create an account with an impartial organization such as the Ottawa Employment Hub: If in the future your organization does become affiliated with Magnet, they would keep their log-in credentials and login through your page.
  2. Value to client/job seeker: Like job boards and LinkedIn, Magnet serves as another tool for job seekers to be matched to jobs. The additional advantage is that if an employer is specifically recruiting a person with a disability, they can refine their search to do so, in which case your clients would be in a pool of far fewer candidates, if they have chosen to disclose that they have a disability.
  3. Value to job coach or employment counsellor (and to client): Even if your organization is not using Magnet, you can assist your client with their job search using their Magnet profiles. Not only can Magnet be used to match jobs and to create resumes and cover letters, but it can be used to identify what doors could be opened with additional skills or education. I.E., you could have your client add an additional skill or certification to their account and observe with what new opportunities they are matched. You both now know what types of new opportunities might be achievable if your client obtains that the skill or certification.  They can also keep track of job search activities with jobs pulled in from other online job boards, such as Indeed, that can be added to their job listings in Magnet.
  4. In addition, because job seekers are matched based on skills and education, your clients may be exposed to employment opportunities at organizations they never would have thought of. For instance, your client with an interest and skills in game design gets matched to an employment opportunity at a local hospital (not your typical “game design” employer), a hospital that is going to gamify some of their training materials.

Q: How does Magnet align with the support that EARN provides me as an employer?

Magnet is just one of the tools EARN leverages to support you. The platform allows your organization to be matched with job seekers based on skills and education, so you may be exposed to potential talent that could otherwise be overlooked. EARN’s Job Match Coordinator, Saiema Zaman (, can help you post jobs on Magnet and you can also reach out to me for direct support if your recruitment team would like to learn more.

Once you identify talent, EARN and its Service Provider partners can also help ensure the other important steps in the recruitment process including interviewing, onboarding, and career management are accessible and inclusive as well.

Magnet is also supported through the Discover Ability Network which has a robust roadmap to support employers who want to hire people with disabilities but they are either afraid or do not know how to start. Follow the RoadMap to get started.

Step 1: Ask the Person – Worried about saying the wrong thing? It’s simple – Ask the person!

Step 2: Find Talent – There are a lot of people with disabilities ready and willing to work. Let them know you’re open for business.

Step 3: Interview and Hire – Perfect is the enemy of good. Hire for what you need.

Step 4: Onboarding – A few simple steps to save you time and money.

Step 5: Accommodations – You accommodate employees everyday. Most accommodations cost nothing.

Step 6: Promote Your Success – Share your story when you get it right. Your customers will show their appreciation.

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What else do you want to know?  Next month we will share Magnet stats on number of employers and job seekers in Ottawa using the platform and answer more questions.  We hope we can grow this number working with EARN and other key community partners.  Send your questions to:

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