Where We’ve Been: University of Ottawa Summer Design Showcase

University of Ottawa

On July 15th the Center for Entrepreneurship and Engineering Design (CEED) at the University of Ottawa hosted their Summer Design Showcase. This was an opportunity for engineering students to show off the accessibility design projects that they created. The students worked with community members to understand needs and develop products that could make life and spaces more accessible.

Some of the projects included a stylus pen that responded to tapping on a device differently and a cup with a tilting sensor, both to help individuals with lack of mobility control due to Parkinson’s disease. Other projects also included using a 3D printer to create interactive and tactile workplace maps that could assist visually impaired employees find meeting rooms and emergency escape routes. The teams of students used their innovative skills to bring new and accessible solutions to the needs of their clients.

We look forward to hearing about what they develop this coming year!

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