Where We’ve Been: Invest Ottawa

Invest Ottawa has started a series of Discovery Sessions to help their employees and partner organizations understand how they can be more inclusive in regards  to employment, retention, customer service, and product development. These sessions are only a part of the broader strategy which will also include the creation of community circles who will help develop future opportunities for engagement and education as well as create a space for ongoing dialogue.

On January 9th, EARN was excited to be invited to lead the first Discovery Session which focused on accessibility. Shannon Bruce shared the mandate of EARN, the importance of inclusion and accessibility in the workplace, and tactical steps that can be taken to create more inclusive environments and practices. The participants also learned how they can be an ally to persons with disabilities and promote inclusion in the spaces where they live, work, and play.

We look forward to continuing this partnership through ongoing participation in the Access Circle as well as looking for opportunities to help Invest Ottawa employers meet their next best employees at inclusive and accessible recruitment events. To find out more visit: Invest Ottawa

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