Success Story: Leveraging Our Strengths

Build Up Women

The challenging times we faced over the past six months have led EARN to deepen our relationships with our partners and friends, and for them in turn, to deepen their relationships with each other. We have three stories to share that demonstrate how we leveraged our strengths through virtual engagement platforms and supported the network in positive ways during the pandemic.

First, here is an update on a successful partnership we presented in the May edition of the newsletter, the St. Lawrence College online workshop, “Job Search during COVID-19 and Employment Fraud”. EARN sponsored translation of this workshop content into French to make it accessible to the Francophone community of jobseekers with disabilities. A workshop in French was held on July 31st with good turnout. We welcome opportunities to deliver more of these workshops in French. Contact us to find out more.

EARN also sponsored the BuildUpWomen online seminar series.  BuildUpWomen provided a platform that enabled women with lived experience of disabilities to share their concerns in an inclusive environment around issues – such as employment and quality of life – that were impacting them during COVID – 19.

These two initiatives were made possible through the support of EARN member, Accenture.

The third story to share is that EARN held regular Zoom calls over the summer with our service provider partners. These calls proved successful as a means of sharing innovative ways to support jobseekers remotely and people with disabilities safely as they entered or returned to the workplace during COVID – 19, and also as a method of sharing relevant tools and resources.

We extend thanks to our members and friends for taking part in these activities that supported engagement and which enabled us to leverage our mutual strengths.

For more information about EARN events and activities, contact Saiema Zaman at .

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