Success Story: Van’s Employment Success After Justice Involvement

Van recently completed 9-month of an intensive drug treatment court program in Ottawa.

Upon completion of this program, Van was eager to find employment to help him maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle. However, he was concerned that his justice involvement would stop him from finding a job that he liked. He did not want a job that would compromise his mental wellness and recovery that he had worked so hard to establish over the past year.

Through his drug treatment program, he was introduced to Arches Supportive Employment Services, which had been helping him update his resume while exploring what types of work would provide Van with job satisfaction and help him continue maintaining a productive lifestyle.

Through one-on-one employment exploration and preparation sessions with Arches, Van identified that he was best suited and most interested in work of a physical nature, which would help keep his mind and body busy and fit while learning new skills.

To learn more about Arches Supportive Employment Services:

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