Meet Our Members

Meet Our Members profiles new and existing member organizations highlighting the talent that they regularly recruit for or the job seekers whom they support. It acts as a knowledge exchange resource as well as demonstrating how EARN members champion accessible and inclusive workplaces.


Accenture is committed to an inclusive environment for persons with disabilities as an integral part of their global inclusion and diversity strategy.
To read more: Accenture

Algonquin College is proud to be the first college in Ontario to endorse equity, diversity and inclusion policies.
To read more: Algonquin College

BuildAble is a unique company of health care and construction professionals who make accessible home and business spaces to meet their clients’ needs.
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With over 16,000 workers, the City of Ottawa is one of the largest employers in our community.
To read more: City of Ottawa

Enterprise Holdings is known for valuing people and putting the customer first.
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Michael Lifshitz, Founder of Illumabilities, tells us how he started his own company, pursues comedy, and how he wants to nurture future entrepreneurs with disabilities.
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