Meet Our Members: Enterprise Holdings

Enterprise Holdings

Enterprise Holdings is known for valuing people and putting the customer first. Group HR Manager Jennifer Lawatsch tells us how this global leader of the transportation service industry embraces diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

1. Tell us about your organization. What’s the one thing you are known for?

  • Enterprise Holdings is a family-owned, world-class portfolio of brands.
  • Operates a global network that covers more than 90 countries, 100,000 dedicated team members, and more than 1.9 million vehicles taking customers wherever they need to go.
  • Celebrating 25 years in Canada with over 5,000 team members nationwide, and over 300 employees based in Ottawa.
  • As a leader of the transportation service industry, Enterprise is known for valuing people and a philosophy of always putting the customer first.

2. What types of positions do you recruit for on a regular basis?

  • Customer service and sales (Management Trainee is the primary position, long term competitive positions are Rental Agent, Return Agent)
  • Support services (Auto Detailing, Driver)
  • Management Trainee positions are full-time while other positions may be part-time or full-time.

3. How do job seekers apply for positions within your organization?

  • Enterprise attends events regularly to network with job seekers, and sees face to face meetings as an important way to explain company values / philosophy / what they are about.
  • Job Seekers apply online at

4. Who is your ideal candidate? What skills/competencies are important to your organization; do you build some of these on the job?

  • For Management Trainee (MT) – customer service ability, sales ability, leadership, work ethic, communication and flexibility.
  • The MT position is designed to build on all of these competencies to prepare individuals for advancement within Enterprise.
  • For all positions – customer service ability, work ethic, team work are basic competencies which are required.
  • While candidates will need to demonstrate that they possess these competencies, ability is what is screened for during recruitment process rather than level of experience; competencies are built on the job

5. What’s your best advice for someone who wants to build a career in your organization?

  • Open-door policy encourages informal mentoring. Employees encouraged to start with their own manager as a mentor and then reach out to build a network with other mentors in the company.
  • Employees are advised: You own your career, but if you ask questions and communicate your interests and needs your mentors will help guide you in the right direction.

6. How are you committed to providing employment that includes professional development and progression for persons with disabilities?

  • Enterprise lives by the value “Our Doors Are Open” – working to create an inclusive workplace and making diversity a central goal in all areas of the business by embracing the differences that makes each person unique.
  • To attract and hire diverse employees and support the needs of all employees, they work to better understand how best to engage and support job candidates and employees with disabilities.
  • Look to determine opportunities for improvement in this space and what employees think would be valuable to people outside the company who are interested in working for Enterprise.

7. More broadly, what policies and practices has your organization developed to create and champion/foster/nurture an accessible and inclusive workplace for persons with disabilities?

  • Part of company philosophy to embrace individuals and difference, only succeed when embrace diversity.
  • Pursue best practices such as offering flexibility in hours / days worked to all employees, including students and employees with disabilities.
  • Believe that embracing people with disabilities unlocks a huge candidate pool for the company. Enterprise continually look for ways to incorporate people with disabilities across all parts of the business.
  • Actively recruit employees with disabilities and invest in training to raise awareness.

Many thanks are extended to Jennifer Lawatsch, Group Human Resources Manager at Enterprise and a member of EARN’s Leadership Group – Employers, for generously giving of her time to conduct this interview.  To find out more about jobs with Enterprise Holdings:

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