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Ottawa Employment Hub (OEH) has partnered with Magnet for the past three years. We now have more than 25 community partners using the collaborative network powered by a job-matching platform that connects employers to talent based on skills and qualifications and welcome EARN onboard to help connect persons with disabilities to employment in Ottawa!

Brent Moore of OEH and Nikoletta Erdelyi from Magnet answer frequently asked questions.

Question: Why should service providers encourage their clients to create Magnet accounts?

Brent: Here’s why we think it is important.

  1. All job seekers are encouraged to create an account. Quite simply it’s another tool in their tool belt to help them find work. There are no guarantees that creating an account will land a job, just as there are no guarantees that a LinkedIn account or C.V. or cover letter will lead directly to a job, but having one certainly increases one’s chances.
  2. Magnet accounts are 100% private – job seeker information cannot be searched. Disclosure is kept confidential and is only alerted to employers if they specifically target job seekers from that diversity population, such as a person with a disability.
  3. EARN will be posting job opportunities they have developed with local employers in Magnet.  These opportunities will be matched to job seekers who created accounts through their EARN service providers/partners. If your organization does not have a Magnet landing page, we encourage you to create one (no cost). We are here to support you in this simple process.  You can also point them to the Ottawa Employment Hub landing page:

Q: Magnet launched the Discover Ability Network a few months ago, is there anything to share from that?

Nikoletta: Yes!  We have recently launched the Discover Ability Network’s job seeker platform. This includes information and resources for job seekers with disabilities, relating to service providers that can assist throughout the job search, resources on the benefits of self-declaration, and industry success stories featuring employees with disabilities in various roles. Click here to find out more:

Q: How do service providers become listed in the “Resources” section?

Nikoletta: They need to submit a PNG formatted logo and a description of the services they offer, no longer than a paragraph.

Once the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) approves them, they can then be listed.

What else do you want to know?  Next month we will share Magnet stats on number of employers and job seekers in Ottawa using the platform and answer more questions.  We hope we can grow this number working with EARN and other key community partners.  Send your questions to:

Brent Moore – Project Manager @ Ready to Work Ottawa

Nikoletta Erdelyi – Diversity Projects Lead @ Magnet

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